Full BIG Experience Toolkit

You have agency to shape the world we live in. Your voice matters; and together, as a community, we are positioned to create the change we want to see. Hosting a BIG Experience empowers you to be a leader in this movement.

The modules and full experience provided in the toolkit below are an exciting and provocative way to engage your peers, students, or community members in conversation about poverty, the future of work, financial security and our economy.

Explore basic income and embark on a journey that will provide tangible ways to become part of the movement to reshape our social fabric.

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What’s in the Toolkit?

The Full BIG Experience is a 90-minute experiential curriculum designed for community organizers, librarians, and teachers, which can be used all together in one experience, or incorporated into multiple events or classes with six 10-30 minutes modules provided. The toolkit includes:

  • A facilitator guide

  • Access to the film

  • Access to a digital (printable) version of the game

  • Other modules for warming up, reviewing, or integrating the content of the film, including a meditation on human evolution, two guided partner reflection sections, and a trivia review game.

What you will need:

Hosting the Full BIG Experience or one the modules is easy. In order to use the multimedia tools provided in the toolkit, you’ll need to make sure you have access to the following:

  1. A space to host your group

  2. A screen, computer, or projector to screen the film, run the slides, and/or play the audio recording.

  3. A facilitator who can guide the process (you!)

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But you may still want to buy a game. And you may also need to purchase a license for the film, depending on your audience (see film page).

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