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Want a fun way to kick off your next event, party, class, or evening together with friends?

We’ve made humorous, little-bit-edgy game that can be played in any group setting, with four or more friends and half an hour or so.

The game will have you rolling over laughing, while at the same time exploring your passions in life, your work/life balance, and visions for a better world and a different economy that works for all.

Get people talking about something we rarely do—our relationship to money and economic justice. Order your game deck here!

Game Deck

Students and anyone with low income, feel free to use discount code A4FSRMQ to take $10 off your order.

DIY Option: Print-It-Yourself at Home

Or, download your own open source game kit for printing and DIY assembly, if you like!

You'll need a printer, paper and scissors.


We will followup right away with an email to download the game.

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