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The BIG Experience is rich media content engineered to help audiences imagine new ways of updating our economy for the 21st century.

It's a tool to empower activists, community organizers, social impact agents and students throughout Canada and the US to reinvent our social contract, our economy and our social fabric. It uses the lens of Basic Income to explore past, present and future ways to define our relationship with money.

The BIG Experience is open source and modular. We’ve built it so it can be tailored to work in a variety of environments like in schools, at conferences, in libraries, by community organizers and even by political candidates.

The BIG Experience includes:

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The Manitoba Story: a documentary film (20 minutes)

Basic Income Game: a card game fit for group entertainment (15 - 30 minutes)

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Community Organizer Guide: a facilitator guide with presentation

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Discussion guide: a world cafe style partner based discussion (20 minutes)


A Meditation On Our Social Fabric: a contemplative audio recording (10 minutes)

Our most popular version runs 60 minutes and includes:

- running a 15 minute session of the game

- followed by showing the documentary

- ending with a discussion about Basic Income