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The Dream BIG Collective is a group of artists and activists working to bring about a universal basic income guarantee in North America, the fastest and most efficient way to eliminating poverty and its inhumane toll.

Want to spread the word about universal basic income, and have fun while doing it?

We’ve created this collection of fun, free resources to support organizers, activists, artists, and educators, and everyday citizens like you. Our collection includes:

An emotional 20-minute documentary film

A full experience toolkit in mix-and-match modules

These tools are meant to empower activists, community organizers, social impact agents and students throughout Canada and the US to reinvent our social contract, our economy and our social fabric. It uses the lens of Basic Income to explore past, present and future ways to define our relationship with money.

The experience toolkit is modular, with six modules that can be integrated into any experience, program, course, or event, including a guided meditation on human evolution, partner deep dive reflection questions, and trivia review games.

We’ve built it so it can be tailored to work in a variety of environments like in schools, at conferences, in libraries, by community organizers, and even by political candidates.

Everything we make is open source.