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You have agency to shape the world we live in. Your voice matters; and together, as a community, we are positioned to create the change we want to see. Hosting a BIG Experience empowers you to be a leader in this movement. Now that your inner citizen economist is awake you can access these tools for sharing the BIG Experience. Most importantly—it’s fun! It’s an exciting and provocative way to engage your peers in conversation about poverty, the future of work, financial security and our economy.

Explore basic income and embark on a journey that will provide tangible ways to become part of the movement to reshape our social fabric.

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What happens in the BIG Experience?

The BIG Experience is comprised of four components:

1. The Basic Income Game

Is talking about economics a snooze fest? Does talking about concepts like basic income turn into an argument about whether capitalism or socialism is better? Well, we created a card game to be played in groups at dinner parties or with friends using humor to engage people in important issues. You can download, print and cut the game out for free or we can mail you a professionally printed version of the game for the amount it costs to create. It’s a fun way to discuss meaningful ideas that will help shape our future.

2. A screening of a BIG Film: The Manitoba Story

Learn from individuals whose lives were impacted by Mincome, a basic income pilot in Dauphin, Manitoba back in the mid 70’s. Begin understanding specific results and how UBI influenced theirs lives. Learn more about the film >> 

3. A post-film discussion with resources for creating impact

Our social values, the economy and the idea of basic income are complex ideas. People have deeply ingrained feelings about issues like work, poverty and social structure; this engagement guide offers a way to facilitate dialogue that helps people discuss complex systems in an approachable and down-to-earth manner.

4. A BIG Visioning Meditation

Adventure on a journey through time to understand the how our economy was formed. Engage your deepest thoughts and feelings about the ways that society shapes our deepest values; like how we spend our time, what we value and how we treat others.


What we provide:

When you sign-up to be a BIG Experience host, we provide you with the materials, instructions, and support you'll need to engage your peers. You'll receive an email with the following materials:

The BIG Toolkit

We’ve developed this tool kit to make it easy and fun to explore the values and reasoning behind a Basic Income. Each component is a 20 minute activity that provides insight into a world with Basic Income. Whether you agree with the premise of Basic Income or not, you’ll have the opportunity to explore new ways for reimagining our world.

1. BIG Visioning - An audio recording of a guided meditation to begin the journey of the BIG Experience.

2. Basic Income Film: The Manitoba StoryAccess code to screen the documentary.

3. BIG Education - Creative resources for a World Cafe style discussion and continued exploration of the ideas and issues brought to the forefront during the Visioning and Film.

4. The BIG Game - a group game to play with friends that uses humor to open dialogue about some of the most meaningful and important issues of our time


What you will need:

Hosting the BIG Experience is easy. We recommend you host a group of at least ten, and as many people as you have room to host. :

  1. A screen, computer, or projector to screen the film, run the slides, and play the audio recording

  2. A facilitator who can lead the questions and host

  3. A space to host your group


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