Common Questions about the Film and Licenses

What kind of license am I obtaining?

By clicking either of the links above, you are requesting a one-time Public Performance Rights (PPR) license to show the film at an event you are hosting once, streaming from vimeo, with a unique code that is valid for 30 days.

To host the film on your own server, such as your learning management system or online library catalog, you need to request and obtain a separate digital site license by filling out the form above. This license does not allow you to sublicense, download, or duplicate the film in any way.

Can I charge admission to my screening?

With the free community license you to charge a nominal ticket price (under $20/ticket) as a way to recoup the cost of hosting the event. With the conventional license, you can charge what you like.

The film and BIG Experience is a volunteer production, and gift we to the movement by a small community arts collective, but we do have expenses, and we do pay rent and drink coffee. [Donations] to support our work are encouraged during or after the event, by you or participants in the screening or event.

Feel free to include our donation link directly in your advertising, followup emails, or social media posts.

Can you ship me a DVD?

We don’t currently offer DVDs. We only offer live streaming at this time.

Can I screen the film without internet?

No. The film screening link you will be sent will only work when your device is connected to the internet. Please make sure you have a strong internet and/or wifi connection where you will be showing the film. We suggest checking the connection and preloading the film before the event.

I am having difficulty viewing the film. Help!

The film is streamed via Vimeo with a unique code you should receive by email after [requesting a license].

If you did not receive the email, be sure to check your spam and promotions folder, or email us at

We suggest pre-loading the page with the film prior to the event. If you are having difficulty with the film loading or getting stuck, make sure you are on a stable and strong internet connection.

Check out these pro tips from Vimeo if you are still having trouble.

Can we talk to you about distributing the film through other channels?

Yes. Please email us at

Is this film political?

The Dream BIG Collective and the film presents the research-based facts about a historic basic income experiment in Canada. We allow (and encourage!) all viewers to make their own decisions about such an ambitious proposal as universal basic income.

We do personally support and advocate for a universal basic income guarantee as a policy proposal, which is also supported by politicians or parties right across the political spectrum.

We are not, ourselves, a political campaign. But we do support community organizers who wish to use this material to support the policy proposals or candidates of their choice.

How can I learn more about UBI?

Make sure to check out the toolkit for the full experience for additional learning modules made to go along with the film.

Also check out these UBI facts to learn more or follow Scott Santens to stay on the beat, or to find out how to become more engaged in the movement for basic income.