Who We Are

We are a grassroots collective of artists and activists fighting for a universal basic income in North America. This is a labor of love for us.

If you like what we’re doing, or have enjoyed anything we’ve created, why not support our work while you’re here? We will sing your praises.


The Team


Alan Webb

Producer /Organizer

Facilitator and Founding Organizer of the Open Master's, a grassroots community of self-directed learners. Working for a world in which everyone is free to give their gifts to each other.

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Anna Sellem

producer/Game Designer

Anna is a Strategist and Founder of A Contrarian World creating human-centered transformations through Game-based experiences. She supports politically-agnostic UBI pilot programs and is obsessed with the "Future of Work" and its multidisciplinary impacts (sustainability, mobility and lifestyle, entrepreneurship and technology advancement).

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Erica Ruth Dixon


Erica is a strategic designer who brings curiosity, presence, and fun into collaborative processes exploring place-based community building, public art, small business strategy, and alternative economic models. She has been creating, managing, and curating unconventional art spaces for a decade.

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Jessica Sharp


Jessica is a warrior for growth, change, and inclusivity. She recently launched NEWERA to provide peak experiences for groups using cannabis as a catalyst. 

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Ken Fisher

Chief creative/filmmaker

Ken is a seasoned and awarded film director who started Truth Be Told Productions. Ken is also the founder of the Economic Justice Project, an organization at the intersection of community organizing and storytelling. His passion is to tell stories that drive positive social transformation.

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Raúl de Novoa