Host the Big Experience

The Big Experience toolkit has everything you need to host a captivating workshop with your community about basic income.

What is The BIG Experience?

The BIG Experience is a 90-minute experiential curriculum which can be used all together in one experience, or incorporated into multiple events with six modules, 10-30 minutes each. The toolkit includes:

  • A facilitator guide

  • Access to the print-at-home version of the Basic Income Game (or buy one to ship to your door!)

  • Modules for facilitating deep engagement and meaningful conversation, including a meditation, partnered reflection, and a trivia review game

You’ll also want to request access to the film, separately, choosing the appropriate license for your intended use.

Group of people playing The Basic Income Game

Who is The BIG Experience for?

The BIG Experience is created to be facilitated by community organizers, librarians, teachers, political candidates, and everyday citizens.

No facilitation experience required, this toolkit makes it easy to support your community in having deep, engaging, and meaningful conversation about money, work, and deservedness.

The Big Experience is tailored to work in a variety of environments including schools, libraries, at conferences and events, and even in you own home.

What do I need to host The Big Experience?

Hosting The BIG Experience or one the modules is easy. In order to use the multimedia tools provided in the toolkit, you’ll need to make sure you have access to the following:

  1. A space to host your group

  2. A screen, computer, or projector to screen the film, run the slides, and/or play the audio recording.

  3. A facilitator who can guide the process (you!)

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