Can talking about money be fun?

The Basic Income game is a fun—and irreverent—card game that gets groups talking about money, work, and deservedness

What is money?

Seems like a simple enough question... or is it? The Basic Income Game is all about exploring ideas we often don’t often know how to talk about—like money, work, and deservedness. It’s also about imagining a different world together. Full of creative ad libs and surprising questions, the Basic Income Game is a fun way to spark some unlikely conversations about money and social change with friends and family.

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Get people talking about something we rarely do—our relationship to money and economic justice. Order your game deck here!

Game Set Contains

32 Question Game Cards
4 Bonus Cards
Instruction Booklet

Students and anyone with low income, feel free to use discount code A4FSRMQ to take $10 off your order.


Or Print-It-Yourself at Home

Or, download your own open source game kit for printing and DIY assembly, if you like!

You'll need a printer, paper and scissors.